Get started on your wills right away

Given how fast paced our daily lives are it is increasingly difficult to find the time for anything, even the really important things like your WILL!

We want to take a moment to remind you how important it is for you to have a valid will that will give you peace of mind and ensure that those that you leave behind are taken care of as far as possible.There are many reasons why you may think that you do not need a will, but we need you to understand that there is one fundamental reason why you will always, regardless of your circumstances need a will, and that reason is consistency.

If you have a minor child and you do not have a will, they will inherit in terms of intestate succession but the guardian’s fund, a state run institution, will administer funds on behalf of the minor child. When the minor child becomes a major he or she will have to apply to the guardians fund for the release of the funds to him or her.

Having a will allows you as a parent to set up a trust, choose the trustees, and they can invest the funds and make decisions in relation to the funds that are in the best interests of your child.You can also have control over when your minor child receives the money, bearing in mind that the age of majority is now 18 years of age.Where there are no minor children having a will is still vital, not only do you determine what happens to your estate, but you also get to leave your family without the worry of how to deal with your estate. You appoint an executor who will know what to do when it comes to winding up the estate.Having a will, properly drawn by an attorney sets out what needs to happen after you pass away, this allows your loved ones to get on with grieving. 

If you have a will, there are fewer requirements to report the estate, even though your heirs in terms or the will or intestate succession may be the same. This allows the estate to be reported and letters of authority or executorship to be issued more quickly, which means that the estate can be wound up more rapidly, and most importantly the funds distributed.

There are many entities that claim to be in a position to draw your will however attorneys are uniquely placed to properly advise you not only on the proper drawing of your will and winding up of your estate, but also on the most effective way to structure your estate.

We encourage you to contact our offices to arrange a consultation with one of our attorneys, so that we can assist you with your wills.